A Celeb Heavy GM Ten Annual Fashion Show


The 6th Annual GM Ten Event took place in Los Angeles last night with some megawatt celebrities in attendance. Ashton Kutcher looked like he was having a fun time. He managed to give Bruce Willis the finger at one point; playfully of course. The real fun happened when the men took to the runway. Donald Faison and Chris Kattan hammed things up with some classic poses.

Many more photos (Hayden Panettiere, Mary J. Blige, David Boreanez, Emmy Rossum, Jackie Earle Haley, Shane West, Tyrese Gibson, Ione Syke, Cheryl Tiegs, Tyran Manning, Denise Richards, Katherine Heigel, Maria Menounos, Rachel Sanchez, Bai Ling, Rumer Willis, Stacey Keibler, and Nick Cannon) from the event after the jump.