A Calmer Tara Reid

January 26th, 2006 // 26 Comments

Compliments to the Reid. She’s looking fresh and not haggard. Now if she would stop wearing those jeans I’d be a happy camper.

(Images via Lime-Light.org)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. ktb

    any ideas where to get this shirt?

  2. doofus

    fresh, yes…but scarily skinny!

  3. Tara looks super old! Who knew she was a haggard old haggity-hag who’s head was bigger than a watermelon!

    Save Frances Bean!!!!

  4. deena

    looks like she jumped on the non eating bandwagon

  5. Artemisia


    Now, that is a miracle!!

    She loks nice..just nice…but yes, old..tired..

    I do like her top.

  6. Kuruku

    Her face is crooked!! Look at it! OH my GOD, NO!

  7. ihatecelebs

    Dudes, this won’t last long. I am wondering where the twins are, though.

  8. Chris

    She looks good…like the hair style.

  9. Kat

    God she looks thin. Great outfit and hair though!!!

  10. Courtney

    How old is Tara Reid???

  11. Anna

    How did she get so skinny? And so much cuter? And so much better dressed? Her hair looks much improved, and I love the shirt!
    God, I’m so confused by this.

  12. Slacker

    More lipo, there, Tara??? Anybody remember how f’d up her stomach looked on her E! show? That’s what’s under that shirt, people.

  13. Natalie Wood's Ghost

    get off of natalie wood’s star!!!! you are not worthy.

  14. Fugly Girl

    Are you sure that’s Tara Reid and not a light post? Good grief, somebody get this girl a cheeseburger!

  15. smroxs

    Oh please. Tara’s probably on her way to go drink her weight in vodka. Just because she looks somewhat decent means nothing. And yes, she does look too thin and old. Her face is especially gaunt.

  16. Sod Off

    Breast reduction, huh (when she get it)? Yep, better dress, hair and makeup but she got thin and is a lot older looking. She definitely bit the bullet.

  17. derder

    She must be off the booze. She’s not as puffy. I bet she is working out like crazy too. She seems to have lost about 20 lbs.

  18. vixxstar

    How big is her head!! She looks good but all out of proportion, that top does not flatter!

  19. Grace

    Amazing what a shower and two Tylenols can do.

  20. Green Eyed Angel

    I like the idea of the top (colors and design) but honestly, I can’t see it being flattering on anyone but Pam or Jordan. She kinda has a Christmas tree shape. And what’s with the pants? Did she borrow them from Brit? It looks like she’s wearing a diaper in those jeans. She’s only 30 something, what is wrong with her!

  21. Dizzy Spins

    Are you crazy? She looks ten times worse than before–all leathery skin and bones and giant head. She was a drunken mess before, but at least she looked like a person, not like beef jerky with a bleach job

  22. JudithJetson

    I don’t believe this is Tara Reid, but an imposter! LOL

    Gads, can’t she do anything original? Jumping on the starvation diet bandwagon NOW? Still doesn’t make up for the fact that she has an ugly shape, skinny or not. Plus, when women lose too much weight (and go cold turkey), their face gets gaunt and it does not look good!

    Then again, neither does the has-been look either!

  23. lady

    finally she has cleaned up. I’m so happy for her.

  24. Mika

    What bag is she carrying?

  25. greenfish

    Re: Mika – I think her purse is Chanel. It looks very similar to the bag in this entry. It’s hard to tell.

    And, yes – if that woman would stop wearing pants that are too LONG for her and pants that actually fit, she’d look ten times better.

  26. kanga

    i seriously hope your being sarcastic when you say tara reid looks fresh and not haggard…

    What a joke just because she looks anorexic again dosnt mean she dosnt look haggard in fact i think she look even more like an ugly crack whore

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