A Bush is Engaged

The White House has announced Jenna Bush’s engagement to Henry Hager, a former aid of Karl Rove. From USAToday.com:

Sally McDonough, press secretary for Laura Bush, said she didn’t know when or where the wedding would take place.

“I can tell you that they are happy,” she said of the president and first lady. Jenna Bush and Hager became engaged Wednesday while in Maine visiting the Bush family retreat in Kennebunkport. They’ve been dating for several years.

Well I guess someone has finally tamed the Bush wild child, Jenna. Gone are the days of careless abandonment, sticking tongues out at photographers and violating state alcoholic beverage laws. Do I care that both of those incidents happened over six years ago? Of course not. Good journalism is about rehashing the worst at the best point in someone’s life.

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