A Bruised And Subpoenaed Paris Hilton

The subpoena that Paris Hilton was served is creating lots of buzz and speculation. It most likely has to do with Christian Slater falling off of that roof, but some news agencies that I’ve never heard of, are claiming that she was subpoenaed for being a witness in a murder investigation.

There is also considerable talk about the bruises that Paris has been seen sporting as well. Of course all this bruise talk is reminiscent of the Nick Carter fiasco last year. The bruises are not from a lover, or her supposed love for rough sex, they are from her fans.

This time, however, you can blame over-ardent fans, says Hilton consultant Elliot Mintz. “She’s very slender and can bruise easily,” Mintz explains. “And that’s what happens when too many people are coming at her and bodyguards are trying to move her around.” Mintz said Paris was in Las Vegas recently when she got mobbed. “You can say it was frenzied fan overreaction,” he said — and the bruises are “absolutely, positively not” caused by her muscular new lover, Stavros Niarchos.

People really are hurt by the ones who love them the most.

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