A Brooke Shields Family Portrait

Isn’t Grier Hammond Henchy a little cutie? It looks like she takes after her father. Anyway, the photos are beautiful. Now that Tom Cruise has reportedly made nice by sending Brooke a gift basket, after Brooke sent Tom flowers and a card.

Tom Cruise has reportedly made a gesture to end his public feud with new mother Brooke Shields by sending her a basket full of baby gifts.

Last year, the two stars entered into a war of words after Shields championed prescription drugs for new mothers who were suffering from post-partum depression.

Shields suffered through desperate lows after the birth of her first baby, Rowan, two years ago. Cruise, a Scientologist, is vehemently opposed to the prescription of drugs to aid depression because he feels they only mask the problem and publicly admonished Shields.

Ever magnanimous, Cruise wanted to make sure Shields knew she was back in his good graces by sending her baby gifts. Tom says, “We sent her a gift and I’m really happy for her. … We sent her a basket.”

According to reports, Shields insisted shed accept the gift as a token of renewed friendship: “I haven’t received it yet but that’s awfully kind of him.”

Tom Cruise Ends War With Brooke Shields Via Baby Basket [Tittle-Tattle]