A Brooke Shields Family Portrait

May 11th, 2006 // 11 Comments

Isn’t Grier Hammond Henchy a little cutie? It looks like she takes after her father. Anyway, the photos are beautiful. Now that Tom Cruise has reportedly made nice by sending Brooke a gift basket, after Brooke sent Tom flowers and a card.

Tom Cruise has reportedly made a gesture to end his public feud with new mother Brooke Shields by sending her a basket full of baby gifts.

Last year, the two stars entered into a war of words after Shields championed prescription drugs for new mothers who were suffering from post-partum depression.

Shields suffered through desperate lows after the birth of her first baby, Rowan, two years ago. Cruise, a Scientologist, is vehemently opposed to the prescription of drugs to aid depression because he feels they only mask the problem and publicly admonished Shields.

Ever magnanimous, Cruise wanted to make sure Shields knew she was back in his good graces by sending her baby gifts. Tom says, “We sent her a gift and I’m really happy for her. … We sent her a basket.”

According to reports, Shields insisted shed accept the gift as a token of renewed friendship: “I haven’t received it yet but that’s awfully kind of him.”

Tom Cruise Ends War With Brooke Shields Via Baby Basket [Tittle-Tattle]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. ShoeSlut

    Brooke looks great and is such a class act… She does bear a striking resemblance to a young Meredith Vieira in the second pic, though…

  2. Me

    Stunning. Those kids are gorgeous and they look so much like there father. Brooke is a class act.

  3. Sabrina Cortez-Delgado

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Tom didn’t send a gift. That the press simply made that up so Brooke thought a gift was coming. Wouldn’t that be funny?

  4. gOssiP

    so that’s where that baby stuff from walmart is going haha…

  5. Kris

    Good looking family. :)

  6. las

    Awww, what a cutie-wootie wittle baby! And Rowan is going to be a looker. Brooke has a lot to be proud of. (And which Tom can only dream of)

  7. contessamemily

    These are really beautiful pics. I like Brooke. I think she is more interesting and more of a tragic figure than people realise though. Someday we will be talkin g about her life like old movie stars are talked about today. She is sort of a legend.

  8. Rumor

    I admire Brooke Shields. She had a less than idyllic childhood as a famous child (divorced parents, alcoholic mother), but she persevered. She skipped the “crazies,” completed college and grew into a strong, lovely woman. She has much to be proud of.

  9. Pretty baby

    What a stunning family. Brooke is beautiful and her kids are amazing looking.

    I, too, have always been a Brooke fan since I was a kid and since I first saw her in that deserted Island movie – oh I forget the name! Anyway, she went to college, stayed out of the tabloids, no drugs, just a normal kid who came out unscathed – no child actor drama here. Love that.

    She is so much more classier than Tom Cruise. And her family seems to be more stable than his with Katie.

    I think Brooke’s kids, Madonna’s Lourdes, Angelina’s Zahara, Will Smith’s kids, Teri Hatcher’s daughter, and Julianne Moore’s daughter are the most beautiful Hollywood children. Just my opinion.

    Congrats to Brooke!

  10. Lynn

    Brooke is incredibly beautiful, as are her kids. Now I ask… would it kill her husband to smile in the photos? He looks like he’s about to axe murder them. You’re married to Brooke effin Shields for chrissakes! Smile!

  11. Raven

    Brooke is not gorgeous, pretty, talented, or anything but a mediocre con artist and publicity whore who has zero acting talent and conned the media and pop culture into believing she’s something special. Remember, just because everyone says the emperor is wearing a beautiful outfit doesn’t make him any less naked. This woman is not a hero, not a class act, has not done a single thing to better humanity and used her kids to revive a career that never should have been. She should fade from history like a whimper.

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