A Blond Actress With a Coke Habit

June 19th, 2007 // 46 Comments

Which lovely blond actress has been attracting more attention for her coke habit than her fledgling career lately? It’s not just her friends who are worried. (Gatecrasher)

Which rising country star who markets himself as straight and Southern actually has a boyfriend and is from a chilly corner of the Midwest? (Gatecrasher)

By Jessica Marx

  1. goil

    1)Hayden Panettiere

    2) no clue

  2. 1. Mischa Barton
    2. ???

  3. chuy

    lindsay lohan

    kenny chesney

  4. TC

    1. Mischa Barton – Agreed, her parents are worried in addition to her friends…

    2. Kenny Chesney, the former Mr. Renee Zellweger.

  5. Rainy

    1. Dunno
    2. Kenny Chesney is from Tennessee

  6. ktmonster

    1. Micha Barton
    2. Matthew Mccounaughy

  7. Stephanie

    #1- Mischa Barton

    #2 says “rising” country star. Kenny Chesney is far from a rising star, so it can’t be him.

  8. Uptown Girl

    They said “rising” country star..Kenny Chesney is a full fledged country superstar

  9. CC

    what about jennifer aniston? refernce to friends…

  10. Shelby

    I thought Jennifer Aniston too… Vince Vaughn is a huge coke head and her new man has been known to dabble!!

  11. Shelby

    I thought Jennifer Aniston too… Vince Vaughn is a huge coke head and her new man has been known to dabble!!

  12. dots

    1. Cameron Diaz? What the hell has she done besides Shrek 3?

    2. I hate country so I have no idea who is “rising” but I’m gonna say Kenny… it’s just too obvious though.

  13. decoder

    I think number 1 is Kate Bosworth. For some reason I don’t think they would use the word “lovely” to describe Mischa, Lindsay, etc. Her career is sort of lukewarm at the moment, her weight fluctuates…

  14. Margaret

    Neither Jennifer Aniston nor Cameron Diaz could be considered with “fledgling” careers. And who said Vince Vaughn has a HUGE coke problem? Do I smell Brangelunatics? Why do Brangie’s post twice?

  15. katiekate

    1. The girl from Clueless (she dated Ashton Kutcher)

    2. Kenny Chesney

  16. jennifer aniston just has that whiny “good girl” thing about her i retain that hardly any aactors/actress is acting merely playing themself she plays the saqme role over and over. SHe is defeinetly a coke headshe’s thin i am to ( thin not druggie)but she tones

  17. Jen

    People, people. #2 says RISING…read some of the other comments before posting your own. Damn.
    Kenny Chesney is NOT a rising star, he IS a star.

    As for the first one, what about Jude Laws ex fiance. Whats her name? She was considered lovely and she’s blonde…and come on, she’s a druggie.

  18. Jen

    SIENNA MILLER. that’s it..damn I hate when I think of it AFTER I hit post.

  19. EricT

    1) Sienna Miller
    2) Stephen Cochran (says he is from Tennessee but is from West Virginia)

  20. anonymous

    Totally Hayden Panettiere. Almost none of the others mentioned have “fledgling” careers.

    Don’t know anything about country music.

  21. sssssss

    1. I think Kirsten Dunst

  22. windandwater

    1. sarah jessica parker – lovely is her perfume

    2. jason aldean

  23. Margaret

    Kirsten Duntz and Sarah JP do not have fledgling careers. Look up fledgling, please. I say number 1 is Hayden Panettiere. Number 2 I don’t know. I don’t do country. I’m a city gal.

  24. Amanda

    Geez. A RISING country star doesn’t sell out 60,000 seat stadiums 4 summers in a row. Get a clue. It’s not Kenny Chesney. Jason Aldean is a good guess. He’s a major rising country star. I don’t know where he’s from though. There’s a bunch of up and coming male country singers these days. It’s anyone’s guess.

  25. JaneSays

    MANiston and Kate Bosworth are both blond, both rumoured to be major cokeheads, and neither have anything going on in the career department right now. But the “not just her friends” line makes me think it’s Maniston, with her recently repaired “deviated septum”!

  26. Catherine

    1. That chick from Knocked Up
    2. Who knows and who cares?

  27. katheyc

    Jason Aldean is from Macon, GA, and Stephen Cochran is from West Virginia. Both of these are WEST of tennessee, so no way would they be Midwest hometowns.

    #1, Hollywood blonde, with Coke habit, throw a dart at a board, you will hit paydirt. could be any one of thousands.

  28. noonespecial

    Eric T- you and i agree

  29. pfft

    I thought of Sienna Miller right away. She’s always described as lovely and played the doomed Edie Sedgewick.The only reason why she’s famous is b/c of Jude Law.

    I don’t listen to country music — but Dierks Bentley was always suspect to me. Could be the curly fro.

  30. SH

    For the record, neither GA nor WV are west of Tennessee. But it is true that neither are in the midwest, but Missouri is and that’s the claimed home state of Trent Tomlinson (Drunker than me; Wing in the Fire)

  31. So Sue Me...

    dakota fanning…lol…

  32. katie

    sienna miller in no way has a FLEDGELING career…she’s been huge in britain for YEARS and she’s considered a fashion icon…kate bosworth, sjp, mischa barton, kirsten dunst and brittany murphy have all been pretty major stars for several years…i would go with hayden panetierre (sp?). as for #2, i don’t follow country so i have no clue.

  33. kathleen

    yeah hayden was in some shitty movies for a long time but she’s only been really famous since heroes started.

    haha So Sue Me…that’s hilarious about Dakota Fanning. i love those marc jacobs ads she’s in. i’m jealous.

  34. Elaine

    Sienna Miller isn’t a huge star in the UK – she is famous mainly for Jude Law. She has acted in a couple of British movies (probably most famously wih Daniel Craig in Layer Cake). Factory Girl was supposed to be her big acting break.

  35. Tam

    Obviously this means someone who hasn’t been in that many movies. (CD, JA & other names listed above are Experienced…meaning they already have careers!!!) It has to be someone just starting out. (And since when is JA blond??) SJP sounds like a better candidate since her perfume is ‘Lovely’ and she really doesn’t have a movie career does she? I can see her as a coke head, but I am not saying its her..she’s NOT young.

    Let’s narrow this down. Someone under 30?

  36. PeachyPeach

    1-I am thinking Kathryn Heigl-the girl from knocked up

    2-there is a number of new male artists that I think of….Good one ASL!

  37. Cassie

    1)I think Sienna Miller
    2) Not Jason Aldean, he is married with children. I was backstage at a show with Trent Tomlinson and saw him and his girlfriend–pretty sure he is not gay. I would guess Dierks too, even though he is recently married, I could totally see that.

  38. Lola19

    Since when does being married with children mean you’re not gay? Hello John Travolta and Crazy Tommy Cruise!

  39. Tough call… Amanda Bynes might be a good guess… she got SUPER SKINNY super fast.

    OR Hayden….

    Then again, Jessica Simpson just went back to blond, too… and her acting career isn’t exactly off the ground yet.

  40. Ashley

    I think 2 is Billy Currington, I’ve heard rumors about him before.

  41. vanitas

    Okay, how the hell is being on a hit show like Grey’s Anatomy and a hit film “Knocked Up” a fledgling acting career. We should all be so lucky to have such fledgling careers

  42. staci

    scarlet johansson??

  43. Samantha

    It says blonde actress. Neither Parker nor Aniston are naturally blonde. Nor do they have fledging careers. Never heard rumors about either one of them doing hard drugs.

    I agree with those who think it’s S. Miller. Her career is fledging and there have been ongoing rumors about her drug habits.

    What about the singer from Rascal Flatts. I think he looks and acts gay. Don’t know his name but have seen him during the grammy awards and you could say he is a rising star.

  44. applecore

    It isn’t Kenny Chesney. He is a manwhore who just happens to look like a turtle.

  45. Al

    Speaking of Trent Tomlinson and cocaine. I did it with him once backstage in Atlanta.

    The guy is a total douche too.

  46. Al

    Speaking of Trent Tomlinson and cocaine. I did it with him once backstage in Atlanta.

    The guy is a total douche too.

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