A Blind Item Frenzy

Ben Widdicombe was is on fire.

Which MTV “Real World” cast member – allegedly, if you believe Craigslist – is casting 30 co-stars for her first adult film? According to the ad: “All guys that will be featured in the film will be in masks (think ‘Phantom of the Opera’ eye masks), so strong jaw line and pretty eyes are a must.”

Which top teen magazine editor surprised her table at the Fresh Air Fund benefit on Thursday by admitting: “If I don’t like a guy, I’ll sleep with him on the first date. If I like him I’ll hold out longer.” There’s some dating advice for young women that you won’t read in her editor’s letter!

Which top William Morris movie agent who went a little nuts before leaving the agency is the subject of a tell-all book being shopped by his ex-lover? “My Gay Hollywood Divorce” is said to include tales of stalking, harassment and even a murder/suicide attempt. Apparently, the book should be of particular interest to one of the producers of “Desperate Housewives,” who has some rather intimate details revealed.

Which prominent crime suspect better hope the cops find him before friends of his victim do? It’s said she knows people who know people, if you know what I mean.

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