A Blind Item Free-For-All

July 18th, 2005 // 9 Comments

Thanks to the folks at Page Six and Ben Widdicome’s Gatecrasher.

Which soulful character actor is causing whispers in a leafy N.J. suburb? Neighbors are shocked that this middle-aged thespian splits his time between two “wives” and two families in the same town …

Which starlet knows how to score drugs wherever she goes? On location, she called the local college drug dealer, ordered $600 worth of cocaine and told him to bring his friends over. But when the crowd got there, she grabbed the coke, and kicked everyone out.

Which married social climber got slugged at Soho House last week when another gentleman felt he had been touched inappropriately under the table?

Which actress seeking music cred has a singer boyfriend who “cheats on her relentlessly with the lower East Side groupie girls who follow around his band?”

Which thirtysomething top designer is raising eyebrows — even in fashion circles — for his 7-gram-a-day coke habit?

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. ERIN

    lindsay lohan was the greedy coke whore.

  2. nicki

    actress seeking music cred – hillary duff, perhaps?

  3. mimi

    i think the actress seeking music cred is lindsay lohan — because LL dates that diego guy from that band. and his band plays all over manhattan — he prob has all kinds of lower east side groupies.

  4. I think the coke head is Lindsay Lohan too. I think the designer is Donatella Versace.

  5. Lex

    Donatella, in her 30s? In her dreams!

  6. The starlet has to be Lindsay Lohan.

    And the “married social climber” who inappropriately touched another gentleman has to be none other than Fabian Basabe.

  7. bitty boop

    La Lohan is definitely the starlet cokehead, the Duffster is the actress wanting music cred, Isaac Mizrahi (sp?) is the designer???, and who the hell is the actor with 2 wives?? Thats the one that’s bugging me! Oh, and definitely Fabian touched someone inappropriately…big surprise there.

  8. lacanola

    lindsey is def the coke whore, she did this at tulane ( where i go to school) in new orleans when she was on location. the whole school knows about it. although i dont think she kicked him out bc he tells people he’s been “skiing” with LL on several occasions…

  9. uptown slacker

    soulful character actor: Michael Beach? Total shot in the dark but: he was in the movie “Soul Food” and he’s been in a bazillion shows (including Third Watch and ER). I can’t imagine that he’d be a gossip item but when you start talking about two families and two wives then I guess that could make one interesting???

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