A Beaten Paris Hilton

parisbruisedWhile I’m all for giving out a bitch slap every now and then, this is meant to be literally and not physically. Well it looks like Paris Hilton, was more than bitch slapped. All signs are pointing towards Paris’ maybe ex-boyfriend, Nick Carter. His short tempter has been witnessed many times in the past, and his jealousy of any attention that Paris receives from other men has led to huge arguments between the two.

The New York Post, who has never been known to be wrong, give a second hand report that Nick Carter beat Paris.

. . . after she and Carter joined pal Amanda Demme at the Argyle Hotel, where Demme throws a weekly party. “They were dirty dancing together,” said one Argyle spy. “They were very lovey-dovey, staring into each other’s eyes. We all thought they were back together.”

But after Hilton and the ex-Backstreet Boy left the Argyle to party at another club, Joseph’s, the mood turned sour. “Nick wanted to leave, Paris didn’t,” said a Hilton pal, adding, “Nick forced Paris to leave, he made her get in a cab with him.” Hilton alleges to friends Carter later lost his temper. Friends say Hilton is “scared to death.” The pal added: “He has major anger-management issues . . . We have seen bruises on her before and asked her about them. She has always denied it — until now.”

Another Paris pal added, “Nick made his bed, now he has to lie in it.” (Miu comment: that cannot be a real quote!)

A friend of her sister, Nicky Hilton, confirmed to yet another source that both Nicky and Paris claim the person responsible for Paris’ bruises is Carter. Hilton’s rep, Tracy Shaffer, declined comment.

My advice to Paris, if it was Nick: file a police report and dump his ass.