A Baby State of Mind For Hef?

October 11th, 2005 // 10 Comments


“Holly and I have talked about that,” Hef told me yesterday as he held forth in his trademark red velvet smoking jacket in a bedroom at the Peninsula Hotel. “I wouldn’t reject it out of hand. I certainly think it’s possible.”

Hef, who will be turning 80 in April, already has 4 children, one of whom runs Playboy Enterprises.

I’m sure they will all be one big happy family.

[New York Daily News]


  1. Girly Girl

    I will admit to loving this show… it is damn near perfect mindless drivel. And seriously- I watch it. Whats NOT to love? Money? Pretty naked girls? The Playboy Empire?

    Kendra? She is Sporty Spice. She digs all things athletic- and is kind of annoying. Bridgette is Stupid Spice. Well, not really- she is getting a PhD in psychology or something… but she is whiny and always feels ‘left out’ (she should stop playing with that damn dog and cat and get up on it with Hef or her fat sss will be the first to go, for real). And then the lovely Holly. Holly is sort of Posh Spice- pretty, mindless, rather vacant? She’s cool- sort of the possessive one- SHE gets the Hef’s bed fulltime. She’s also the oldest by at least 7 years judging by her face… she’s not the brightest girl, but she keeps the brakes on the crazy train if you know what I mean.

    The best episode is when Barbi Benton comes to some stupid boxing party at the manse and Holly gets bent out of shape (p.s. to Barbi- either go for plastic surgery and lift and tighten, or avoid camaras. And for the love of God- STOP with the booze).

    Three cheers to Holly and Hef. If she is willing to work to get that old man’s dick up, then she deserves some kind of financial reward… and having his kid will guarantee her that.

    p.s. Hef has a 9 p.m. curfew at his house… so how damn wild do you think he is, huh?

  2. netty

    this show is so stupid. He’s gross, the girls are gross. Who is attracted to an 80 year old man?? C Mon!!

  3. alexis

    question: why is that one woman always whining about how it’s her dream to be in playboy but she can’t? why not?

  4. Tajue

    Hugh Hefner is repugnant. I don’t know how any of these women go to bed with him. Actually, I do know how Barbi managed it… Alcohol. I’d have to be completely wasted too, just to get past his speech impediment. He gives me the heebies…

  5. tempy

    I heard if you have sex with old men you get worms.

  6. Anna

    I love Kambri!

  7. fat mary kate

    this is disgusting. hef is a BOSS but he must be getting a little alzhiemery now to think these blonde broads see more than the $.. i love him though.. he would never under-boss his ex wife & have another baby.

  8. nunya

    I thought Bridgette was the oldest. She looks it to me!~

  9. Shaydie

    I went on the “Girl’s Next Door” site on eonline a while back and it listed their ages as:

    Holly – 26
    Bridget – 36
    Kendra – 20

    Now it lists them as:

    Holly – 25
    Bridget – 31
    Kendra – 20

    Guess they decided to fudge their ages a bit.

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