A Wrapped Up Jude Law Takes In Sons Soccer Game, Talks Chuckling With Robert Downey Jr [PHOTOS]

This past Saturday (December 3) Jude Law watched his 9-year-old son Rudy play soccer with the Camden and Regent’s Park Youth League in Primrose Hill. The 38-year-old, all bundled up with a scarf and sweater, looked like any other soccer dad as he mingled with the parents who were there supporting the team.

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You can catch Jude on the big screen this December 16 with Robert Downey Jr. when Sherlock Holmes 2 is released. Jude explained that he and Robert get along very well. “The brother theme is really strong in this one actually. That’s when Noomi (Rapace) gets involved, too. There is a theme or a demand later on in this film where it questions one’s reliance on someone else and can you really trust someone? We like to work and we find fun in the work.”

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Robert added, “Well, ever since Mr. Law and I met, the chuckles, and the fun, and the happiness come. But we are really quite about the business very much, I believe, as Holmes and Watson are. So if it’s 99 per cent perspiration. Oh, you are going to love this – we like getting sweaty together. I mean, we like working our asses off. We like to work.”

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