A Very ‘Pregnant’ Sofia Vergara Gets Kicked In The Stomach By Her Co-Star Julie Bowen [PHOTOS]

Her New Fiancé
The actress just recently got engaged to Nick Loeb!
Jokes! Well not really. Modern Family stars, Sofia Vergara and Julie Bowen, had a few laughs on the set of their hit TV show yesterday! The two were playing around with Vergara’s prosthetic baby bump!

The actress is pregnant on the show and is ready to pop at any moment. In real life, Vergara has a 19-year-old son, who she says always gets asked if his mom is his girlfriend!  She admitted:

 I love that! Especially when they say he’s my brother. But he hates it if I’m with him and someone says, ‘Oh tell your sister to come,’ and I don’t correct them. He’s like, ‘Tell them you’re my mom!’ But I don’t.’