A Touching Tribute To James Gandolfini, Plus 10 LOL Moments To Make You Smile

Sopranos Final Season
Take a trip down memory lane.
We’ve scoured the internet for some of the silliest photos that are floating around on the interwebs.

However, our lead shot today is in tribute to actor James Gandolfini who died while vacationing in Italy. Those familiar with the series finale will recall the meal Tony Soprano had in the ice cream parlor/restaurant with his family as well as the ambiguous fade to black, which may (or may not) have signaled his death at the hands of a hitman.

Fittingly, fans flocked to the eatery last night after learning of Gandolfini’s death, and to mark the actor’s passing, Holsten’s placed a “reserved” sign at the booth where the actor sat. 

We want to make you smile today too, so we’re also featuring pics of the nicest pick up your dog’s poop sign, rules for dating a guy’s daughter, Sharon Stone meets Sharon Stone and more!

Launch the gallery to check out the funny!

Plus, remember when James appeared on Sesame Street? Watch the video below.

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