Joe Jonas and Zachary Quinto Are Two Of The Stars In The Front Row At Richard Chai’s Fashion Show

Designers At Fashion Week
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When debuting your works of art, you want only the best of the best to be the first viewers, and that’s what Fashion Week is all about.

Richard Chai’s Fashion Show took the stage recently, and an all star cast of guests occupied the front row. Joe Jonas showed he has more loves than just music as he attentively watched the show and posed alongside other famous guests. Joe Jonas is always looking fashionable, so I guess it’s no surprise that he attended. He’s one well dressed guy. 

Joe Jonas enjoyed the show so much that he even talked about it on his twitter afterwards. Joe tweeted, “I will take 2 of everything. Great show richardchai @ Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.” I’m sure Richard Chai loved the enthusiasm. Maybe Joe also attended to get future outfit ideas for his new adorable niece?

Other famous faces graced the front row alongside Joe, including Blanda Eggenschwiler, Bryan Greenberg, and Zachary Quinto. The four stars looked riveted alongside each other, a good sign for the designer. Also seen posing at the show were Colton Haynes and Hamish Bowles, the editor-at-large of Vogue.

I hope the show made an impression on him too, for the designers sake. Vogue is kind of a big deal.