A Solo Victoria Beckham Watches Son Play Soccer, Looks Fabulous While Doing It [PHOTOS]

The Beckham Girls
Eva Longoria holds on to Harper Beckham.
This is what Victoria Beckham looks like on a casual weekend.

Sure the Spice Girl and mom of 4 is wearing jeans and a tank top, but let’s be real, those ain’t any old jeans and tank top. The pants probably cost more than a normal person’s car, while the tank is most likely made out of some rare fabric that only Victoria can get.

And these, friends, are the reasons we love her. Mrs. Beckham was ever her fashion forward self this weekend as she watched son Romeo get his soccer on. Think at this point Victoria is tired of watching soccer? Between David’s games and her sons’ games, that must be an awful lot of soccer. Speaking of David, where was the uber hottie?

Doesn’t he know it’s his job to show up with Harper and melt all of our hearts? It’s great, we look at Harper with David and think “I want that!” That then leads us to look at Victoria and think, “My god! Could I ever attain that level of style and perfection?” One day? Maybe? Please?

I realize this has suddenly turned into the Beckham family appreciate society, but let’s be real: if there’s any family that deserves it it’s the Beckhams. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Victoria at soccer. I love how she’s just checking her watch. Fancy lady has fancy things to do! Tell us how much you love–or don’t love–the Beckhams in the comments!