A Smiling And Healthy Looking Lindsay Lohan Is Released From Rehab

Lohan's Best Excuses
They're gems, I tell you
Congratulations to Lindsay Lohan on completing her three month stint in rehab! The actress was spotted yesterday (July 30, 2013) after being released from rehab and arriving at a community center in Malibu, CA. This was Lohan’s sixth known stay in rehab.

Lohan is seen smiling as she departed the Cliffside Malibu, wearing a blue floral dress and a brown fringed jacket.

E! News has learned that after leaving the facility, Lohan made a stop at a playhouse in Topanga to catch a performance. 

She’s expected to appear at the premiere of The Caynons at the Venice Film Festival in August.

Check out the pics of a happy and sober Lindsay in gallery.

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