A Slightly Scary Bearded And Red Eyed Chris Pine Grocery Shops With Dominique Piek [PHOTOS]

Someone is in need of some sleep, or at least some Visine.

Chris Pine and his girlfriend, model Dominique Piek, did some late night shopping together for groceries at Gelsons supermarket Los Angeles, California yesterday (July 30, 2012).

Chris was looking a little ragged in his Paul Bunyun get up. The bearded Pine definitely looks as if he could use some sleep, as his eyes seemed quite red. Maybe the couple had just watched The Notebook.

As for those Chris Pine and Fifty Shades of Grey rumors; they are still running rampant. Pine recently told Jay Leno that the idea was brought up to him on a red carpet, but that he is indeed “not doing it.” 

Yet he also hinted that he may very well be considering the role, after he went on to say that he would go nude in a film “if it was pivotal for the art. I’d get my acting coach and we’d work it out.”

So who the hell knows.