A Single Lauren Conrad Spotted Hanging With Derek Hough

Lauren Conrad is picking up where 2007-Single-Kate-Middleton left off by getting after it in Los Angeles.  The newly solo Conrad, who split from boyfriend Kyle Howard in June, has spent the past few nights out in Hollywood.  Wednesday night she wore black leather leggings with a blue silk shirt to Beacher’s Madhouse, and last night she sported a (very) short cap-sleeve LBD with tights and suede pumps at Playhouse nightclub.  Argh, her hair is becoming Middleton-like with its coloring, bounce and shine.

PHOTOS: LC Totes Looks Like Kate Middleton

Carrying roses and flashing a shy smile (SO Middleton), Conrad needed the help of a security guard to get to her car since paparazzi were ALL up in her grill.  And why were they so interested in LC’s exit last night?  She was spotted outside with Dancing With The Stars cha-cha head, Derek Hough.  Whether or not these two are an item is a mystery to us, but neither are currently attached.  Get down with your bad self, sister!