A Shirtless Nolan Gerard Funk Shows Off His Muscles!

'Glee' Remembers Cory
The cast of 'Glee' and their tributes to Cory Moneith.
Well hello there! I did not know that Canadian actor Nolan Gerard Funk was that jacked up!

The star of The Canyons and Riddick is featured in an editorial for Flaunt magazine, which was shot by Eric Ray Davidson and styled by Yohanna Logan, with grooming by Paul Rizzo.

Nolan starred on Glee for a few episodes, spoke with the Huffington Post regarding Cory Monteith’s passing. The two had known each other for years due to auditioning over the years in Vancouver. 

When Cory passed, he tweeted out the following tweet:


“I had just sort of found out. I was in Seattle at the time. It was very late at night, and I was sort of out with some friends. I was just shocked,” he said.

He was asked about how Cory should be remembered. Funk responded, “It’s the same thing that everybody else says, that he was a really great guy. He never was causing problems. He never really let whatever he was struggling with kind of become a part of other people’s lives.”

Launch the gallery to check out the gorgeous pics of Nolan.

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