A Shirtless Leandro Penna Flees To Miami After Split With ‘Crazy’ Katie Price [PHOTOS]

Katie Price In Lingerie
Price promoted her Sky Living series, 'Signed By Katie Price.'
Yesterday (October 28, 2012), newly single Leandro Penna showed off his abs as he spends another sunny afternoon poolside in Miami.

Wearing flowery shorts and a pink California t-shirt, Leandro looked far from sad about his break up with Katie Price, aka Jordan, as he stripped down and soaked up the sun.

The 27-year-old Argentine model – who got engaged to the 34-year-old glamour model last April after dating for almost two years – has revealed he finally had enough and walked out on her because she was driving him “insane.”

He told South American Caras magazine: “I left her simply because she is crazy. Katie’s brain is not wired right, or the wires don’t connect properly. I don’t know what’s wrong with her. I was thinking it over recently and one day decided to pack my bags and leave. There was nothing else I could do. She was driving me insane.” 

Leandro insisted he would never reunite with the twice divorced mother-of-three, despite reconciling after their previous split just eight months into their relationship.

He said: “That’s it, there’s no going back. Katie is totally crazy. What started beautifully in February last year has now come to an end.”

Katie Price had a different take on things. She posted the following statement on her website when she announced their split.

“Leo and I have had a lovely fun time for a couple of years. We will always feel deep affection for each other – however sometimes relationships just run their course. Pressures of work have meant we have spent a huge amount of time apart even when we were in the same country. This meant it was difficult for the relationship to move forward.”

They will always have their memories.