A Shirtless Justin Bieber Walks The Beach In Mexico [PHOTOS]

Demi Lovato
The star wasn't happy with Disney.
After arriving in Los Cabos, Mexico with girlfriend Selena Gomez today (January 7th), Justin Bieber got into his swim trunks and took a walk along the beach.  Bieber’s new Jesus tattoo was visible; Then again, how could it not be? 

Bieber fans recently took to Twitter to express their outrage at yet another writing paux on Disney’s part.  A joke was made about a girl looking like the teen sensation on the program, Jesse, which prompted Beliebers to start a “Disney Is Pathetic” trend, according to the Examiner.

This isn’t the first time Disney’s sense of humor has gotten it in trouble.  Shake It Up recently made a snarky reference to eating disordes, which sent former Disney star Demi Lovato through the roof.  She too took to the social media platform to give the mouse ears a big what-for.