A Shirtless Jared Leto And Terry Richardson Continue The Bromace [PHOTOS]

Jared Leto In Paris
Leto walked the streets of Paris.
We get some very up close and personal shots of Jared Leto thanks to photographer Terry RichardsonIn the latest round of photos of Leto, Jared shows off his pecs, nipple, finger, eyes and ponytail.

While these pictures are fun, we want some music or films from Jared! The good news is that Jared and 30 Seconds To Mars have begun work on a new album.

Leto spoke with MTV News about the album. “We weren’t playing coy; we were on the road for two years, four months or so, and people started to ask us about a new album, and we didn’t have any plans. We didn’t know what the future was,” he explained. “We had been working for a really long time. We went from A Beautiful Lie right into the studio, right onto the road, I hadn’t had a significant break in years. So, at that point, I don’t think we knew what was going to happen for the future, so rather than make something up, we just told the truth: We didn’t know.” 

“We made a commitment not to tour for all of 2012 … and I think that helped provide a lot of clarity,” Leto laughed. “And we realized there’s no way this new record could be like [This Is War,] because the last record was so conceptual and wrapped around this idea of conflict, because we were battling a corporation and being sued for $30 million. That was our lives, being hunkered down in the studio for a couple years, fighting this conglomerate. Of course, now, different time, different state of mind, so this album is definitely a dramatic departure.”

Are you looking forward to a new 30 Seconds To Mars album?