A Shirtless Jaden Smith And A Bikini-Clad Willow Smith Hit The Waves In Hawaii [PHOTOS]

Willow Smith in Teen Vogue
The tiny singer has a larger than life persona in photographs.
Gaga & Willow
Jingle all the way!
It was a day of fun and sun for Willow and Jaden Smith yesterday (November 20, 2012) in Hawaii as the two hit the beach to do a little surfing. The children’s mother, Jada Pinnkett Smith, kicked back and did a little relaxing.

Willow, wore a pair of ripped denim cut-offs and a brightly colored patterned sweatshirt, and then stripped down to a mismatched striped bikini while hopping on a mint green surf board. The girl surfed like a pro.

It took Jaden a while to find his groove, but he eventually mastered the board and stayed upright for a while.

Papa Will Smith was no where to be seen. The longtime Hollywood couple, who are constantly plagued with lingering divorce rumors, will be celebrating their 15th anniversary in December.