A Shirtless Derek Hough Hits The Beach With Hula Girls

Derek Hough's Pecs
Derek Hough shows off his fine form in Los Angeles.
Professional dancer Derek Hough got his beach on this weekend. The Dancing With the Stars stud hosted a beach party BBQ at the Revolve Beach House that featured some bikini topped Hula girls.

When Derek isn’t frolicking shirtless on the beach, he’s busy getting his dance on. Hough confirmed he will be back on Dancing with the Stars, and he told Access Hollywood he’s looking forward to the changes on the way in the new season.

“Yes,” Derek replied when Access Hollywood asked him at the Young Hollywood Awards in Los Angeles on Thursday if he is coming back. “And the format’s changing. We’ve got one show a week now, but I think it’ll make a better show, more jam packed. And so I’m excited about it.” 

Hough will also be serving as host of the ABC special Family Dance Off. “It’s a very fun show,” Derek told Access. “People always ask me when is it a normal person’s turn? Like when can I dance? I want to dance, but I’m not a celebrity or a professional dancer. So that’s what this is. It’s for the average person to get up there and dance and rock it.

“It was awesome,” he added. “It was awesome to work on.”

Awesome! Now check out all the pics of Derek and his awesome abs by launching the gallery.

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