A Shirtless Colton Hayes & Tyler Hoechlin Sex Up ‘Teen Wolf’ [PHOTOS]

June 29th, 2011 // 2 Comments

Current Bello Mag cover boy Colton Hayes and his Teen Wolf co-star Tyler Hoechlin were heating up the small screen on this week’s episode of Teen Wolf.

One thing the easy on the eyes duo want is not for their show to be compared with Twilight. Despite Twilight‘s massive success, the Teen Wolfers only want one thing from the franchise.

“We want their fans to watch us,” Haynes confessed. Hoechlin seconded: “They got a good thing going, and we want to be our own thing. We want to be the Teen Wolf guys.”

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As for what’s to come on Teen Wolf. Haynes says, “in the pilot, you’re introduced to these stereotypical characters, whether it be the brooding older werewolf or the jock or the popular girl. But then, we throw you for a loop. From Episode 3 on, everyone breaks the stereotype. They go into different storylines and personalities and it’s great to see those stereotypes change up a little bit.”

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Colton Haynes Tyler Hoechlin shirtless Teen Wolf
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    The scene in episode 5 with Derek & Jackson was crazy HOT!! I also thought the scene with both of them in episode 4 was really good also. Is it just me, but are the two main characters Scott & Allison really boring or what?

    Thank god for DVR’s, because I can rewind & watch the scenes with Derek and Jackson over and over and over and I can also fast forward through the very boring scenes with Scott & Allison.

    I also really like Lydia & Stiles characters, they have great facial expressions and they both can convey so much without saying a word. I really hope for a lot more of Derek & Jackson screen time together & I hope the fans, ie me, help keep Teen Wolf on MTV for at least another couple of seasons.

  2. Colton Haynes Tyler Hoechlin shirtless Teen Wolf
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    you so sexy

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