A Shirtless Colin Egglesfield Is Good Reason To Watch ‘The Client List’ [PHOTOS]

While the guys may have been turning in to The Client List to get a ogle at Jennifer Love Hewitt’s cleavage, the ladies were enjoying some eye candy of their own.

Former Melrose Place cast member, Colin Egglesfield, is set to give us tons of shirtless moments just like this one in The Client List. The show gave Lifetime some big numbers for it’s premiere with 2.8 million people tuning in.

As for Jennifer’s cleavage, Hewitt is baffled by a promotional picture for new TV show The Client List which shows her with a smaller cleavage because she never approved the digitally-altered shot. 

She tells Los Angeles’ KROQ 106.7 radio station, “Somebody sent me a copy of the photograph, and I was like, ‘Um, what happened?’ I’m not quite sure what’s going on, but apparently somebody wanted me to have a boob reduction.”

“The thing that’s even crazier is that usually when they do that stuff, I had to see the photograph before they went out anywhere, and I never saw a new version of it.”