A Shirtless Chord Overstreet Strips His Way Back On To ‘Glee’ [PHOTOS]

Miu von Furstenberg | December 7, 2011 - 8:30 am

Last night’s episode of Glee marked the return of Chord Overstreet’s character Sam aka Trout Mouth.

Rachel and Finn discover that Sam is working as a stripper. Eventually, Rachel makes her presence known by handing Sam a dollar and they take him backstage to talk.

Sam admits that he’s not happy to be working as a stripper, but hey, the money’s good and covers all the extras at home. He confesses that he does want to return to glee club, but will his parents let him? As it turns out, they’re so proud of his recent maturity, but don’t want him to miss out on his teenage years – he can go back to Lima with Rachel and Finn. Yay!

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Glee is going to follow up on the Michael Jackson music from tonight’s episode, which featured “Man in the Mirror” and The Jackson 5 song “ABC,” as well as Janet Jackson’s “Control.” Yesterday, Glee creator Ryan Murphy devote a full episode of music to the King of Pop. It took time to talk the Jackson estate into the idea, but with their approval, the writers will fast track production on the episode so it will be ready to air on January 24.

The cast will shoot half of the episode before the holiday break and finish the rest in early January. TV Guide says to expect 10-12 of Jackson’s songs to be featured.

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