A Scruffy Ben Affleck Joins Facebook, Takes His Dog For A Walk [PHOTOS]

Ben's Taboo Tattoo
Ben Affleck Has One Interesting Display Of Ink On His Hip
39-year-old Ben Affleck has come quite a long way since 1998, when he won an Oscar for Best Screenplay with his buddy Matt Damon. This is one of the major life events he listed on his new Facebook timeline which he created on February 17th. 

According to E! Online, Affleck even included his biggest movie kerfuffle Gigli as well as his many accomplishments with humanitarian work in Congo. Seen here, the soon-to-be father of three takes his German Shepard out for a morning walk on February 2nd in Pacific Palisades, California. It’s good to know that even Ben can have a sense of humor with his Facebook account.