A Sarcastic James Franco Brags About His Career In Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Ad [VIDEO]

The ever adorable, ever lovable James Franco is at it again. It’s true that he continues to surprise us all, but the most endearing thing about Mr. Franco is his ability to poke fun at himself and keep everyone laughing. In this video promoting Samsung’s newest smart tablet, Franco gets goofy and cheeses it up for the camera. Even if he screws up the Oscars, he is impossible to hate!

Seen here, 34-year-old James Franco steps out and about in Washington Square Park in New York City on August 19th looking super oafish and completely grunge. What is going on with the ratty old flannel shirt and ball cap? Do we care? Not at all. Franco’s heart is forever in fashion, not to mention that scruffy kissable face. But seriously, maybe he should at least take a shower before stepping out next time. Get it together James!

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