A-Rod and Cameron Diaz Are Still Together

Us Magazine was reporting that Alex Rodriguez was spotted canoodling with Real Housewives Of New York, Kelly Bensimon at a recent Miami party. But now they are saying that is total rubbish.

“The whole story about Kelly and A-Rod is absolute, unadulterated hogwash,” a rep said, “There were 1,500 people at that party at Wall, and Kelly was one of many that were clamoring to meet him.”

This is good news, considering how gross and weird Kelly seems. The real scoop here is that Alex Rodriguez is still with Cameron Diaz. They spent their Thanksgiving Day together in romantic Mexico.

Seen here in sexy black stilettos and an tiny blazer, Cameron Diaz plus one gal pal spend some quality time with Cameron’s newly rekindled on again boyfriend Alex Rodriguez in Miami on December 10th. The last time Cameron was spotted visiting A-rod was in October, but wedding bells could still be a possibility. People have speculated whether the two have a stormy relationship, rumors of on and off romance have been around for awhile. Hopefully they aren’t on the rocks like everyone speculates.