A Right Royal Weekly Series: The Duchess Diary [VIDEO]

The Queen's Jewels
Elizabeth II's jewels will go on display next summer.
The Royal Kids
Prince Philip's grandchildren pay him a visit.
We all know how much I dig Kate Middleton and the royal family (like, a lot), so here we are with a brand new online series talking about, you guessed it, the Duchess of Cambridge and her merry in-laws.  Hurrah!

SOCIALITE LIFE’S weekly series will bring you all we can explain, clear up and learn about Britain’s royal family and the most popular girl in the world.  In the coming weeks, we’re going to have some fantastic guests on the show who will show us the proper way to curtsy/bow (one never knows when one will need this skill), how to get hair that doesn’t quit, and where to pick up your own jazzy high-street threads in the name of Her Royal Highness.

We hope you enjoy this premiere episode.  It was a labor of love and would not have happened without the generosity and support of my fellow Kate followers (you know who you are) and of course, the good people who were brave enough to put me in front of a camera.

To the Duchess!