A Recap On Everything ‘Girls’ [PHOTOS]

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If you haven’t started watching Girls already, I strongly advice you to. From the surface, it seems to be another series about four white friends “surviving” the city together (ahem* Sex and the City). Yet, the show could not read more different. There are basic similarities, yes, but (and that’s a big but) the show focuses on more realistic moments- from all those awkward moments one faces in relationships with others and, more importantly, with oneself.

The show follows four girls: Hannah (Lena Dunham), who is a combination of self loathing and self entitlement, Marnie (Allison Williams), who appears uptight but is just as lost as the next girl, Jessa (Jemima Kirke), who is a free spirited girl constantly on the run, and Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet), who appears to be immature but says the wisest things. Add to this a great script and well-thought out playlist, and you have Girls.

You definitely do not need to love the girls of this show to thoroughly enjoy it. In fact, I find myself frustrated at times with the decisions they make (for instance, how can Hannah allow Adam to play with her fat after sex? HOW?). They all have their moments and in moments like these, viewers are able to see a raw refreshing character, making them relatable even if we aren’t all 20something white girls living in the city.

(If you haven’t watched the show- well here is just a preview of what you’re in for.) Lena Dunham left us in the previous episode with two loudly shut doors after a best friend fight, inevitably heated words were exchanged-“big, ugly wound” to be exact- and a toothbrush was thrown on Marnie’s part. Both Hannah and Marnie claimed to be the better friend and accused the other of being more selfish.

In the episode that is going to air Sunday at 10pm, aka the season finale, the girls are undoubtedly searching for new roommates. From the looks of the preview, Elijah might possibly be Hannah’s new roommate, and personally I think the two would make a good pair. Hannah is always in need of reality checks and we know Elijah can deliver them (“we are only as blind as we want to be” check and mate, Elijah). I haven’t been this excited for a season finale since Community (#sixseasonsandamovie).

Whether Girls has taught us that it’s okay to openly admit to online dating or that dancing to Robyn is strangely empowering, Girls has undeniably shared with us a lesson or two. Launch the gallery, and view more memorable moments and quotes shared by our favorite girls.

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