A Reality TV D-Lister On A Impregnating Spree [Blind Items]

A reality star promising to take care of all his baby mamas after he makes it big, a musician whose secret gay lover writes his lyrics for him, a TV host whose career is on the rise again secretly visits cancer patients each week and an Aussie pop star wants to relaunch her acting career.

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This D List celebrity from Reality TV is proud of the fact that he’s gotten three different women in three different States pregnant. Not so proud that he wants it published of course, which is why he’s promised each woman the world once he ‘finally hits it big,’ if they’ll just be patient and be quiet. However, at a hot tub party recently, the sleazy star bragged to friends about all the women he’s ‘put it to.’ [BuzzFoto]

Today, a musician who is known for his wonderful lyrics he writes for his band and for other groups. Guess what? He doesn’t write his own lyrics. His secret-gay-sometimes-lover does. The two are best friends and the real lyricist prefers anonymity, so the relationship works out well for both. [BuzzFoto]

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This television host used to be one of the brightest stars. Then, some bad career and girlfriend choices led him to what almost seemed like permanent exile. He was still on the air, but no one ever watched. Maybe he changed his karma though because things have started to get better. All that time he spends visiting cancer patients of all ages probably helps. With no cameras and no prompting, our host tries to spend about 10 hours a week visiting with patients and cheering them up. When you think about celebrities sentence to community service who always complain to the judge about how they are busy and blah blah blah. This guy does this of his own free will and does at least 10 hours a week and is way more busy than the whiners who get arrested all the time. [CDAN]

What Aussie pop star recently got help for her drinking problem and is now back in Hollywood taking acting lessons? The tiny entertainer, who got her start on soaps, says she’s given up singing and wants to go back to her acting roots. [National Enquirer]

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