A Look Back At People’s Sexiest Men Alive [PHOTOS]

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By now everyone probably knows that Channing Tatum was given the title of Sexiest Man Alive in People this year.. It’s really no surprise he was chosen after he scorched in Magic Mike. I still watch the “My Pony” dance and fan myself.

His MM costar, Matthew McConaughey is looking a little sickly these days. It’s like he’s withering away or something. The weight loss is only moderately concerning.

Apparently it’s totally safe and the sexy actor is being monitored by a doctor. Back in 2005, he was made People’s Sexiest Man Alive. Now he looks anything but.

Since 1985 the magazine has been covering their magazine with attractive men and designating them the sexiest for the year. There are quite a few I’m waiting to see make the list. All I can do it be patient.

Who are your favorite picks for the title?

I’m sure some tweens are hoping and praying One Direction or Justin Bieber are given the title, but I’d rather not see that happen. Anyone masculine and muscular who oozes sex appeal deserves to be crowned sexiest man.

Who were some of your favorites from the past? I remember practically drooling when Ryan Reynolds was chosen. Look how much times have changed since he was on the cover.

Check out our gallery to see our favorite Sexiest Men Alive. Who are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!