A Look At Kate Winslet

French magazine Madame Figaro caught up with Academy Award winner Kate Winslet to talk about her life right now.  Winslet has come along way from the days of Heavenly Creatures and reflects back on the major success Titanic brought her.

Winslet was very emotional after Titanic debuted, and took great comfort in knowing she wasn’t alone.  Winslet had co-star Leonardo DiCaprio to lean on when a story about a big ole’ boat catapulted both to superstardom.  Winslet told Figaro, “We were like two little birds on the branch, huddled against each other.  We were hand in hand. I was young. I was 21 years. It was exciting. I was told that my life would change. I couldn’t believe it.”  Doors opened for Winslet that were closed tight before, and her professional life changed forever.

Thirteen years later, Winslet is one of the world’s most respected actors, taking  home Best Actress at the 2009 Academy Awards for The Reader.  Despite the fame, Winslet craves anonymity and finds it in her native England.  She has no interest in being snapped by the paparazzi, preferring a more peaceful existence.  Still, Winslet hopes to leave her mark on this world as an unforgettable actor.