A Letter To The Spice Girls [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

The Spice Girls were said to be reunited temporarily in London for their musical, “Viva Forever!” Upon first discovery of the news, I immediately happy danced in my chair at work. The Spice Girls were legendary when I was younger. Like all girls from the 90s, I purchased Spice World on VHS and repeatedly watched it. For goodness sake, I wore my hair like Baby Spice until I was ten!

I understand that the Spice Girls are a british pop group but come on, throw a bone our way and come to America! I beg of you ladies.


Girl groups are in dire need of back here in America. Boy groups continue to monopolize pop culture (from the temporary craze of The Jonas Brothers to the latest fab, One Direction). Girl Groups, where you at? Non-existent, that is where. The last great popular girl group was Destiny’s Child, and that was about 8 years ago.

Spice Girls, you exemplify everything that is girl power. Don’t think because we had Hilary Clinton run for President in the primaries that everything is rainbows and unicorns. We still have chauvinistic pigs out there who think we are in the 1960s and need a kick in the butt to bring them back to this decade. 

Finally, I just need some spice in my life.

This is my proposition to you: Spice Girls come to the States. We are in a state of desperation.

To help quench myself during this Spice Girls drought, I am going to play “Wannabe” on repeat. Feel free to join me and listen to the video below. Launch the gallery to view other spicy suggestions.