A Groupie’s Digest, Sexy Musicians In Bands [PHOTOS]

The Killers Have A New Single
The Killers are back with a new single
Take a moment to reminisce about the good old days, plastering posters above our beds and cutting out magazine photos to make into collages for school binders.

Those were awesome days. Most of us have graduated from that phase, but it doesn’t mean we don’t obsess over hotties in bands anymore!

After all, it’s the icing on the cake when you have talent plus looks. It’s like no matter how much these band members age, they still look good because they’re so badass. I mean, hello look at Steven Tyler!

What are some bands that convince you to buy tickets just so you can be a feet away from grungy eye candy? Maybe your favorite made our gallery of super sexy musicians!

Load the gallery while you wear your “I’m with the band” shirt and check out some of the many hotties in bands while playing out your groupie fantasies!