A Gracious Chris Hemsworth Poses With Fans In The Rain [PHOTOS]

Ever the amiable actor, Chris Hemsworth posed with fans (in the rain, no less) in Notting Hill last night (April 9th).  The Avengers star was in the neighborhood to tuck into a meal at Bumpkin restaurant.  Hemsworth is currently filming Rush in London opposite Olivia Wilde.

The Aussie sexpot recently praised Robert Downey Jr., his Avengers co-star (among many other top names in the cast).  “I certainly looked at Downey as say, the godfather,” Hemsworth said, according to Showbiz Spy.

He added that Downey “started this whole journey. He was the first one to take on the Avengers character, and he is two films ahead of most of us in that sense. Watch and learn. But everyone is proven in their own right, whether they’ve been nominated for Academy Awards or just done a bag full of films over the years. It felt like a real team effort.”