A Glimpse At The Most Stylish Celebrities Of 2012 [PHOTOS]

One of the best parts of having so much access to photos of celebrities is seeing all their wardrobes. We all love trying to figure out what designer shoe, or even dress they could be wearing. The question, “who are you wearing?” is one of the most famous among the red carpet correspondents. Jimmy Choo and Chanel appear to be two of the most popular designers worn on the red carpet. Who doesn’t love looking at those stunning dresses, accessories, or footwear?

Nina Dobrev is by far one of the most stylish celebrities out there. Her red carpet evolution shows that regardless of what she wore, she looked gorgeous. Some of her fashion picks weren’t the best, but she still looked better than many people. How about Miranda Kerr? It’s practically her job to wear awesome clothes (lingerie counts too, right?). She’s one of the few ladies who could make a trash bag look great!

All we can wonder is, what will these starlets be rocking next year and the years following? Will 2013 be a great year for them just like this year?

Launch our gallery to see what other lovely ladies joined Dobrev and Kerr as most stylish of 2012!