A Giving Lady Gaga Goes Topless In Rio [PHOTOS]

Lady Gaga Covers VF
Lady Gaga poses for Vanity Fair
Singer Lady Gaga was letting it all hang out in Rio earlier today (November 07, 2012). The pop star was hanging out on the balcony of her Brazilian hotel in Rio De Janeiro where the singer giggled with friends as she tossed frozen vegetables at fans and emerged topless in a towel.

At least she wasn’t tossing fans’ salad.

Anywho. Lady Gaga has been in a giving and thank mood as of late. Gaga helped celebrate the news that Wisconsin elected the first-ever openly gay senator, and its first-ever female senator, Tammy Baldwin. She tweeted:

“[Congrats] to @TammyBaldwinWI for being elected the first openly gay senator in the HISTORY of The United States. #inspiring #brave #courageous.”

Plus she just donated a big load of money to the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts by the American Red Cross. 

The singer made the announcement on her Little Monsters website on Wednesday.

“Today I pledge 1 million dollars to New York & The American Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy Relief. If it wasn’t for NYC: the Lower Eastside, Harlem, the Bronx and Brooklyn, I would not be the woman or artist that I am today,” wrote Gaga.

She continued, “New York is relentless ambition, a drive to succeed, a place where there is a natural pursuit of diversity through compassion. Please accept this gift on behalf of myself, my parents Joe and Cynthia, and my sister Natali; with our deepest gratitude New York for raising us.”

Gaga concluded, “Thank you for helping me build my spirit. I will now help you rebuild yours.”

Well done Gaga!