A Fashion Do Or A Fashion Don’t?: Lady Gaga’s Louis Vuitton Wheelchair [PHOTOS]

Check out the swag on Lady Gaga! The international superstar was spotted in New York City earlier today sporting her latest trendy fashion accessory, her Louis Vuitton wheelchair.

The singer recently had quite the intense surgery for an injury sustained during her tour, so that explains the wheelchair. But how do we feel about it being Louis Vuitton themed? The lining, the armrests and even the footrests are all adorned with the famous brown LV symbol, making it quite the fashion accessory. That’s a lot of brown, but luckily she gives it a pop of color with her pink shirt!

What I want to know is whose idea this wheelchair was. Did Lady Gaga herself call Louis Vuitton and ask for it? Did her people call? Did Louis call and offer it? I’m kind of hoping it was a sweet gesture from some members of her staff. It does jazz her up quite a bit, plus it probably makes her happy to be riding around in something so fancy.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Lady Gaga and her wheelchair. Do you give this a fashion yay or a fashion nay? Let us know what you think by taking our poll down below!