A Fart Fetish Group Wants Nancy Grace’s Fart [VIDEO]

There is just so much going on with this story, I hardly know where to begin. Well, let’s dive right in. Nancy Grace has really proven herself as the Dancing with the Stars contestant to watch, not because she’s at all good, but because all the embarrassing shit seems to be happening to her. Last week she had the now infamous nip-slip, and just this week, Nancy had herself a post-dance fart on camera.

According to TMZ, some people really liked that 3 second fart. What kind of people? Flatulophiliacs. Or as they’re more commonly referred to, Fart Fanatics. Fetish site Clips4Sale.com made an official offer to ABC to buy the fart clip–which you can check out after the jump–for their fart fanatics on the site.

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I shit you not, this is all real. Now, please go watch the clip and tell me if you think it’s Nancy or her partner, Tristan MacManus. No one acknowledges it on the show, but if you check out both his face and Nancy’s face you can tell they both heard it are going into slight panic mode.

I wonder if ABC will sell the footage. What are your thoughts on the purchase? Know any flatulophiliacs? Can’t we find someone hotter who farted? Also, thank god it wasn’t a silent by deadly one. Watch the video after the jump then tell us what you think.