A Dog Who Plays The Piano And Sings Along [VIDEO]

March 29th, 2013 // Leave a Comment
Dog Playing Piano
Is this your next "American Idol?"

It may be a little pitchy, but I’m guess Nicki Minaj would approve.

Plus, a baby kitten give off an adorable meow, a dog versus a lime, a dog playing Patty Cake and kitten destroys a bowl of milk.

Watch those videos below. 

Such an adorable meow.

What ya freaking out there about buddy?

Games are fun!

Cleanup in aisle five!

Baby Giraffe Stands
Baby Giraffe First Time Standing
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Rabbit Meets Balloon
A Rabbit And A Balloon
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One Very Sleepy Kitty
Sleeping Kitten
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By Michael Prieve

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