A Date With Robert Pattinson Will Cost You Over 30K At Auction

Robert Pattinson is no cheap date: the Twilight star has donated a date with him to an auction on charity.buzz.com and the bidding is currently at $30,000! The actor is raising money for his chosen charity, the GO Campaign, which helps orphans and other children in need.

But still, it’s not even a real date, sorry to say. The winner will get to hang out on the set of Breaking Dawn with Pattinson. But you know what that means: Kristen Stewart won’t be too far away. The two have been dating since the start of the franchise (in case you’ve been living under a rock) and recently took a steamy trip to Rio. Plus, who wants to watch their date film a sex scene with his girlfriend? Lame. So tween girls, you can stop your plotting now.

(Photos via MrPattinson.com and PattinsonLife)