A Dashing Prince Harry Dances By Himself In Croatia [VIDEO]

We could spend all day telling you reasons why we love Prince Harry, but let’s save ourselves some time and focus on the latest, that being a video of the spare getting down in Croatia.  According to The Sun, Harry flew to the hotspot via EasyJet (he is a man of the budget-conscious people) with some pals for a little R&R before enduring military training in the states.

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Dressed in a button-down, jeans and a baseball cap, Harry skipped the VIP area, opting instead to boogie down to the rhythm of the house music.  While dancing on a wall, the prince lost his footing and started to fall into the pool behind him.  Because he’s awesome, Harry saved face by turning it into a dive.  Well done, sir!  Whomever he was accompanied by was well-trained in “Being Friends With Royalty 101″ and jumped into the pool with him.  Harry, soaked to the bone, got out of the pool and right back to the business of dancing.  A witness told The Sun,

“Harry was dancing around with his arms in the air. He was having a great time and seemed pretty tipsy.  Suddenly he just jumped into the pool and one of his friends jumped in after him.  Everyone thought it was really funny and Harry was laughing his head off. He was soaked to the skin but he didn’t care. He loved being the centre of attention. It was hilarious.”

Though ladies were trying to get close to Harry – who recently split from model Florence Brudenell-Bruce – his bodyguards made sure they kept their distance.  Last week, Harry chatted with members of The Suffolk Foundation and families of participants taking part in the the EnglandVaarders 2011 rowing exhibition from Katwijk, South Holland to the shores of Sizewell, Suffolk on August 24, 2011 in Sizewell, England.  The Prince paid a visit to Sizewell beach to mark the expected completion of the 40-hour kayaking voyage for charity across 118 miles of open water.

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