A Comedy Weekend: ‘Harold & Kumar’ and ‘Tower Heist’

Our deepest fears came true when Kal Penn announced he was leaving House to work for the Obama administration as the associate director of public engagement last year. Had Harold lost his Kumar? In what seemed like seconds, Penn was back to chasing the green – money that is. And now the weekend has come for us to rejoice in the holiday spirit and the third installment of the Harold & Kumar series!

From Paranormal Activity to cute Puss in Boots, the first holiday-related film to premiere – well before the holiday, I might add – A Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas is one of two comedies releasing this weekend.

The other being Tower Heist, which could be considered the comedy revival of Ocean’s with a plot to prove it. A group of high rise employees led by Ben Stiller enlist a small time crook (Eddie Murphy) to rob a Bernie Madoff-like scoundrel who stole their pensions. Similar to Ocean’s, Tower Heist brings together some A-list comedy stars. In addition to Stiller and Murphy, Casey Affleck, Alan Alda, Tea Leoni and Matthew Broderick are also on the bill.

Get ready to laugh, SOCIALITE LIFE movie fans!