A Collection Of Emma Stone’s Adorable Magazine Covers [PHOTOS]

Adventurous Pair
Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield take a hike.
Ever since I saw Emma Stone for the first time in Easy A, I can’t seem to get enough of her. Each and every one of her roles are enjoyable to watch. Seeing her go from kooky, to hilarious, to serious in various movies is really cool. Many actresses (especially ones who are mostly on television shows) seem to play just one kind of role. They either play the psycho, the goody-goody, or the seemingly helpless victim.

Even in Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, her role was hilarious. If you haven’t seen it, she played one of Matthew McConaughey’s first girlfriends. The crew of that movie did a great job of making her unrecognizable. It wasn’t until I saw the credits that I realized it was her.

What other role’s of Stone’s were noteworthy?

Skeeter in The Help and Wichita in Zombieland were two of my absolute favorites. She defied the expectations of ladies around that time in both movies. In one, ladies were meant to be just doting housewives who practically worshiped their husbands and the ground they walked on. Her other character was one of the few women around and really held her own in those conditions.

How could I forget another great attribute? Her boyfriend and Spiderman co-star, Andrew Garfield is some serious eye candy. He’s such an attractive man and they make such a cute couple. Seeing two people so comfortable and clearly in love warms my heart.

She’ll be working with Ryan Gosling in yet another film which is set to release either at the end of this year or sometime in 2013. It’ll be awesome singing them working together! They have such beautiful on-screen chemistry!

While we wait for her next projects to come out, launch our gallery and check out the collection of her magazine covers!