A Bloody Weston Cage Leaves Jail After Being Charged With Domestic Abuse

Weston Cage married girlfriend Nikki Williams back in late April, but the two aren’t exactly nesting.  According to TMZ, the newlyweds were out in Hollywood last night, with Nikki saying that marriage was “tough, but wonderful” and that “communication was key.”  Back at their Lake Hollywood apartment, Weston and Nikki got into an altercation that led to both being arrested for felony domestic abuse charges.  Witnesses say that Nikki cut Weston’s arm with a broken bottle, punched him like a nut and then threatened to throw herself off the balcony.

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When Weston was released yesterday on $50,000 bail, he told a waiting photographer outside to never get married.  His stained tee and bandaged arm were enough indication that Weston isn’t “incredibly clean,” as he so claimed just a day before.  A fight with his  personal trainer last month led to Weston’s stay in rehab, after which Weston admitted he was “four drinks short of death,” according to the Daily Mail.