A Bikini-Clad Lindsay Lohan Hits The Beach In Hawaii! [PHOTOS]

Stop Thief!
Lindsay Lohan's Chanel purse was stolen!
Cover Your Eyes
Lindsay Lohan's Playboy cover leaks.
How do you celebrate the return of your stolen purse (minus $10,000 in cash)? By hitting the beach of course! That’s just was Linsday Lohan and a group of friends did in Honolulu, HI on Sunday (December 11). She enjoyed an afternoon of frolicking together in the surf. Awww.

Lindsay was so ecstatic to have the bag back that she didn’t bother asking questions about the theft, despite the missing $10,000.

After her Playboy shoot was leaked online, the full spread (pun intended) is now officially released online.

The outing was a little like Lindsay was back at her Playboy shoot, because she seemed to have a hard time keeping her breasts in her bikini. The actress had to tuck them back in more than a couple times.