A Bikini-Clad Brooke Hogan Is Sick Of Being Picked On

We’ve been witness to Brooke Hogan’s weird/creepy/questionable relationship with her father, Hulk since Hogan Knows Best premiered in 2005, and Ms. Hogan is tired of our judgment.  “Im SO sick of people saying me and my dad are in some perverted relationship,” she tweeted.

PHOTOS: Why People Might Think Brooke Hogan Has A Creepy Relationship With Her Dad

This recent surge of interest in Brooke and Hulk come from a PETA exhibit that that featured a naked, oiled-up Hoganette trapped in a cage.  Brooke invited Hulk and his wife, Jennifer along to celebrate the former pro-wrestler’s 58th birthday.  Hulk stole the show by feigning embarressment in front of his daughter’s saucy portrait.

This isn’t the first time Brooke and Hulk’s close relationship gave us the heebs-jeebs.  The Daily Mail reminded us that Hulk was spotted rubbing lotion on his daughter’s thighs while they were laying out by the pool in 2008.  Oh, Hulk also showed his junk to the camera while Brooke was right next to him back in November.  So….yeah.

The outbursts coincide with filming for Brooke’s new film, 2 Headed Shark Attack in the Florida Keys.  I know, it sounds THRILLING.  And look! She’s wearing a bikini.